Smart hospital
Digital company transformation

Development of strategy and action plan to increase the city’s benefit and use of its data


  • The hospital viewed digitalization as an important pillar and prerequisite to enable its vision of value-based health care.
  • The hospital was recognized for its use of IT, and was ahead of similar organizations.
  • Several digitalization initiatives and projects were ongoing in various parts of the hospital organization.
  • However, the hospital did not have a clearly defined strategy for digitalization, with limited control over digitalization efforts as a result.
  • Furthermore, investments in IT were done, but it was not clear if these were in line with the vision. 
  • The hospital needed help to develop a digitalization strategy and associated organization, processes, etc. 


  • A systematic analysis of the current situation and learnings from organizations globally provided a comprehensive list of prerequisites and challenges for continued digital development within five areas.
  • Based on the pre-study, prioritized areas were identified and the overall digital strategy were defined.
  • The digitalization strategy was then developed step-by-step via workshops and interviews.
  • During the entire project, ADL worked in close collaboration with the client to ensure well-anchored decisions, and to facilitate the handover and continued use of the strategy.


    • The client obtained a concrete and concise digitalization strategy, including:
      • An organization for digital development, including clearly defined roles, responsibilities and mission
      • Detailed processes for steering, development and maintenance
      • Eight guiding principles and a framework to support strategic decision-making
      • An inventory of ongoing and planned initiatives and projects, categorized and summarized in a roadmap
      • A plan for implementation
      • The case work and deliverables were all well received and highly appreciated by the client, and became an inspirational source for development of the city’s new digital strategy