Smart-city strategy
Digital company transformation

Formulate a strategy and an action plan in order to become the smartest city in the world


The client is a capital city in Northern Europe with 40,000 employees
The City has in its Vision for 2040 set out the ambition to become the smartest city in the world.

The objective of the project was the following:

  • Map ongoing digital initiatives among the departments of the city
  • Formulate a smart city strategy
  • Formulate an action plan, including a number of prioritized projects and a cost estimation for them


  • Arthur D. Little formed the strategy together with the city from a quadruple-helix perspective, in which citizens, academy, business and the public sector was included.
  • Thirteen workshops with academy, business and the departments of the city were held, with the objective to:
  • Map ongoing projects
  • Map current challenges
  • Map potential future projects
  • Surveys were used in order to reach public-owned companies and departments that did not participate in workshops.
  • The inhabitants were heard via online surveys (with more than 3,000 responses), interviews and workshops


  • Arthur D. Little formulated a strategy together with the city based on the city’s needs and challenges. 
  • A target picture for the smart city was formed, with the overall objective of becoming the city that offers the highest quality of life for its citizens and the best climate for business. The city is to become sustainable (financially, socially, democratically and ecologically) through innovative solutions, openness and connectivity.
  • The strategy was formed with the citizens.
  • A common view of current challenges, ongoing projects and way forward was established and championed by directors within all departments of the city.