Open-data strategy
Digital company transformation

Development of strategy and action plan to increase the city’s benefit and use of its data


  • The client, a large Northern European city, has since 2011, worked with access and publication of open data targeted mainly towards developers (apps, prediction tools, etc.).
  • However: 
    • The recognition and use of existing open data was very low 
    • A large part of the published open data was outdated and in single, stand-alone files
    • Only a few of the city’s administrations publishes open data to the shared data platform 
  • Arthur D. Little was hired to detail a strategy and an action plan to increase the benefit and use of the city’s data, defined as increasing transparency and quality of operations, as well as data-driven innovation. 


  • Arthur D. Little identified and detailed five critical areas in approaching the key question, namely: data content and format, publication and access, administration, use, and conditions.
  • An action plan was developed through an ambition-driven strategy approach:
    • Firstly, defining a target picture through a series of interviews with key people, workshops and benchmarking of external best practice
    • Secondly, determining the as-is situation through surveys of developers and interviews with client stakeholders
    • Thirdly, the action plan was developed, applying a gap analysis and identifying activities that would decrease the gap between as-is and the target picture, thereby increasing the benefit and use of open data.


  • Arthur D. Little developed a clear target picture and suggested an action plan for 2017-2018 to increase the benefit and use of the city’s data in order to reach the overall city vision
  • Following this project, the ADL team was selected as advisers to the government and ministry of industry concerning the development of open data and smart cities across the nation.