New digital business model
Digital company transformation

Development and evaluation of a new business model to enable tapping into the potential of the sharing economy


The client was planning the pilot of a new business model to enable tapping into the potential of the sharing economy
Arthur D. Little was engaged by the group CTO to support in planning for a potential scale-up, given a successful pilot

The project included:

  • Developing viable commercial models for the divisions to leverage the new business model
  • Assessing the strategic and financial attractiveness of each concept
  • Providing recommendations for step-wise implementation
  • Assessing short-term investment needs
  • Providing recommendations for governance structure


  • Arthur D. Little worked side-by-side with the client to enable continuous knowledge transfer between the pilot project and the scale-up planning, as well as anchoring of interim conclusions.
  • Commercial concepts were developed based on desktop research and interviews with ~20 key stakeholders in the client organization and in the partner ecosystem of the pilot project.
  • Business cases and short-term investment needs were developed based on input from the pilot, interviews, and research.
  • Implementation plan and governance structure were calibrated in discussion with key client stakeholders.


  • Six commercial concepts were developed.
  • Based on assessment of strategic and financial attractiveness,  ADL recommended that the client:
  • Implement three concepts in the coming 2 years
  • Engage with potential partners to enable further assessment of a 4th concept
  • Recommendations, including strategic, organizational and financial implications, were presented to the CTO, to anchor with divisional presidents before the executive team meeting.
  • Buy-in from key stakeholders had been secured during interviews, ensuring concept champions in the organization.