IT architecture blueprint
Digital company transformation

Design of a state-of-the-art Digital IT Architecture that would allow for fast integration and improved time-2-market


The client had decided to enter the ICT arena and asked ADL to design a matching IT architecture that would: 

  • “Open” up its IT infrastructure and build capabilities to enable partner integration in a broader ecosystem, and 
  • Match best-in-class IT standards


Key challenges:  

  • Legacy-driven IT landscape with point-to-point interfaces
  • Complex and redundant systems under operation being a major inhibitor to fast product deployment
  • High OPEX, increased effort in development cycles and inherent complexity in solution design
  • Lack of alignment between IT and business strategy & operating model 


ADL applied a phase-based approach, which included:

  1. a) Situation analysis, b) Tool selection & IT architechture documentation, 
  2. a) Business requirements, b) Technology evaluation, c) To-be IT architecture 
  3. Architecture governance design
  4. Transition and change management roadmap


Based on the assessment of the as-is IT architecture, a to-be IT architecture design was developed covering all the core systems.
To achieve a successful implementation, next a respective governance concept was built up. Further support by ADL during the implementation is being discussed.


ADL’s deliverables comprised:

  • To-be architecture & principles (Business & IT)
  • Business requirements
  • Detailed design & project planning
  • Initial & transition implementation technique
  • IT architecture governance model
  • Documentation of all phase findings in an IT architecture repository (tool selected by client)


The client could profit from the following benefits:

  • State-of-the-art IT architecture blueprint 
  • Alignment of IT structures with business goals 
  • Wave-based implementation plan, which included the transition from the as-is to the to-be state