Digitalization for a leading retail bank in America
Financial services, Digital company transformation

A leading bank was not satisfied with the results of its digital endeavors, requiring a global push to foster the transformation


The bank, positioned as a leader in America, faces a strong growth of digitalization in the region. As such, the bank must take advantage of its leading position, aiming to lead digitalization and become the recognized leader in the region. 


However, the bank’s leadership was not satisfied with the results from spurring its efforts in acquisition through digital channels,  making its customers’ lives easier with simpler interactions, new digital engagement services and product offerings, and seeking operational efficiencies derived from digitalization.


Arthur D. Little started by analyzing the current situation in terms of capacities and projects under development, and surveying the executive directors to understand how dissimilar their goals were, derived from the digital transformation. 


Facing considerable conflicting objectives from different areas, Arthur D. Little focused on aligning the digital goals with clear, quantitative objectives and mapping the required initiatives to achieve those digital goals. 


Considering the main initiatives, Arthur D. Little brought consensus to the organization to prioritize specific pillars of the transformation, and determined the digitalization goals and initiatives to meet those goals. 


Lastly, Arthur D. Little matched these goals with new capabilities required in terms of skills, organization, incentives and systems development. 


Arthur D. Little collaborated by defining a clear roadmap with clear objectives, as well as detailing the organization to push the digital transformation of the company. 


The defined and prioritized digital levers had the potential to double the contribution margin in the bank in 4 years. 


The bank is currently successfully implementing its digital transformation following the defined roadmap.

Double contribution margin based on commercial and operational efficiencies derived from distribution / 50% client increase leveraging a new digital customer management model